A game backend management platform built for all.

Build, grow, and sell faster.

Why Stardust?

Data Storage

Access your dedicated redis data store with blazing fast speeds, incredible throughput, with backups taken every 10 minutes.

User Management

Use a social media login or your own customized solution, be able to manage all of your players, see how often they are playing, your revenue per user, and more

In-game payments

Easy pre-built methods and checkout flows for selling in-game items and subscriptions. No webhooks required!

Analysis and Insights

Graphs, data analytics, and a powerful set of tools to allow you to query data to build graphical dashboards. Learn more about your game and how to grow faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Stardust the best solution for my game?

Stardust gives you a single place to manage your game. Your players, games, items, and payments can all be managed from one dashboard with the press of a button. No need to continue fiddling with databases and scalability issues.

Is my data secure? Is there disaster recovery?

We back up all data 6 times per hour and your data can be restored to one of these saves at any point in time. All of your backup data will also be available for download should you wish to secure it via dropbox or another resource.

Does Stardust support existing games?

Our platform can support both new and existing games, we pride ourselves on allowing game developers to quickly migrate from their existing infrastructure to the Stardust platform. There are ways to import existing data in the dashboard, and our API can be used to upload your data as well to any of our endpoints. Feel free to join our discord to ask any questions.

How much does Stardust cost?

The product is completely free as we continue to add more features and build value for our developers.

Where can I speak to the team?

Feel free to join our discord (link coming soon)

We’re here to help

Contact us any time, Monday through Friday

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