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Stardust integrates Solana

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Canaan Linder

Solana is the fastest blockchain on the market today, period.

For every game developer we talk to, three things matter most

  • Speed & Cost
  • Security
  • Ecosystem & Funding

Solana has all of these in spades, boasting 50,000+ tps, 500ms blocks, sub $0.01 fees, and a $100 million dollar gaming fund with FTX and Lightspeed. The main feature of their chain that stands out is Solana scales with 0 sharding.

As Ethereum edges "closer" to 2.0, there is consistent fragmentation of liquidity within the ecosystem on different Layer 2s and optimistic / zk rollups. This compounds the problem, a race to zero, with everyone fighting over which scaling solution is the very best. Solana needs no fragmentation of its ecosystem because its Layer 1 quite simply scales.

Solana is the most requested blockchain for game developers wanting to scale with Stardust, and we're proud to have it fully integrated into Stardust for game developers to take advantage of.

A different approach: Anatoly & Raj

We met Anatoly and Raj in mid-2019 at Blue Bottle Coffee on 2nd street in San Francisco. Right as Loom Network was winding down its operations and projects like Axie Infinity, Neon District, Somnium Space, were looking for alternatives.

The meeting was with Solana drastically different than other chains, the conversation usually went; "here is why we're the best, here is a grant, and here is funding + engineering resources"

Raj said something that resonates to this day, "We are confident that Solana will best fit your needs, and if [Stardust] builds on Solana and doesn't believe its' the best solution and moves off, we are fine with that."

Games on Solana: Using Stardust

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Stardust is a software platform for games in the metaverse - providing a complete backend solution for any game developer to build a scalable and performant game on blockchain. Our platform includes a blockchain-free API, provisioned player-wallets using Fireblocks, a built-in NFT marketplace, fiat payment flows, and DeFi integrations.

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