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Episode 5: Women in Web3 - Creating New Power

A conversation on how women are stepping in as leaders in Web3.  Carla Zanoni (Head of Audience, Marketing, & Analytics at TED) moderates Mai Akiyoshi (CEO at Curious Addys'), Dana Hork (Founder at Ignite Ventures), and Ashwini Anburajan (Co-Founder & Managing Partner at 22X Fund).

Episode 4: The Pivot to Web3- The Possibilities and Pitfalls

Web3 is refining the way we interact with the internet and challenging how we think about data and asset ownership, online identity, financial systems, security, and culture. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the pitfall and the possibilities of Web3 with Benish Shah (VP of Marketing, Stardust) Alex Cavoulacos (Co-Founder & CEO, Meta Angels), Rakia Reynolds (Founder, Skai Blue Media) moderated by Amy Shoenthal (Contributor, Forbes).

Episode 3: The Value in NFTs- Going Beyond What We Know

NFTS are a powerful part of blockchain technology, but how can they be used outside of the digital art world they’ve been popularized in? In this epsiode, we explore how NFTs could change the way we interact with the digital world and what this means for Web3. Tatum Payne (Head of CS, Stardust) moderates Inder Phull (Co-Founder & CEO, Pixelynx), Rohit Gupta (Partner, Serling VC), and Dan Eichling (Development Director, Rogue Star).

Episode 2: Brand Building Through NFTs

Brands are approaching NFTs as either a marketing stunt or from a “wait and see” stance. As the world of NFTs continues to grow and evolve, so too do the opportunities for brands to own the narrative on how NFTs can be used to reward loyalty and create trust. There are endless possibilities for what brands can do with this new technology.  Benish Shah moderates as Caleb Smith (CSO, InfiniGods), Robert Lamvik (VP Growth Marketing, Artsy), Whitney Meldrum-Hanna (Head of Web3 Commercial, Pedestrian Group), and Emily Burnett (Founder) take a look at the opportunities and challenges when it comes to using NFTs in brand building.

Episode 1: Why in Game NFTs Create Value for Players and Developers

NFTs can create unique experiences that foster a sense of ownership and community among players. By offering in-game NFTs, developers can also open up new revenue streams and better monetize their games. Benish Shah moderates the discussion between Samir Agili (CEO & President, Tilting Point), Canaan Linder (CEO & Founder, Stardust), Owen O'Donoghue (Co-Founder & CRO, InfiniGods), Rich Cabrera (Co-Founder, Ready Player DAO), and Sumit Gupta (Co-Founder & CEO, Midnight Society; Founder & CEO, Boom.Tv) as they take an in-depth look at how in-game NFTs can create a new ecosystem for gaming that creates value for both players and developers