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Dec 11, 2023

A Software Platform For Games In The Metaverse

Every game developer should be able to achieve financial success from their g

A Software Platform For Games In The Metaverse
Every game developer should be able to achieve financial success from their games

Our mission is to increase game developer revenue. Blockchain is creating a paradigm shift in how games are monetized; transforming games from closed loop, micro-transactional revenue to an open-world metaverse based economy monetized through community ownership. Stardust makes this technology rapidly accessible to every game developer.

What is Stardust

Stardust is a platform designed for game developers to easily build games in the metaverse. Just as PlayFab offers a platform for anyone to build scalable games, Stardust enables game developers to easily create and manage NFTs within games without the need for any blockchain code. Our platform is accessible to everyone from indie developers to AAA studios.

Currently, it is incredibly time consuming and expensive for a developer to build a fast, secure, and scalable game on blockchain.

Stardust solves this problem

The 4 barriers game developers building in the metaverse currently face are:

  1. Game developers need to know how to write blockchain code.

    Stardust provides a no-code blockchain solution for developers to create and manage NFTs.
  2. Game developers require sub second API response times (100ms is ideal)

    Stardust optimizes transactions so blockchain games are as fast as non-blockchain games.
  3. Games need an incredible user experience with no gas fees or private key management

    Stardust provides players with secure Web3 wallets for a seamless player blockchain experience.
  4. Players need to be able to easily buy NFTs using credit cards or crypto

    Stardust’s payment widget allows for many different payment options when buying NFTs.

The Stardust Dashboard makes it easy for any game developer to create their game items with an easy no-code experience.

As part of our dashboard a game developer can:

  • Create FTs + NFTs for their game
  • View players and inventories
  • Configure their store

No wallet creation, buying cryptocurrency, or smart contract code.

For game developers who need a graphical way to create game items on blockchain, Stardust is the best solution.

Stardust API

Our API completely abstracts blockchain away from the game developer and minting an asset is as easy as a few lines of code.

No gas fees. No transaction signing. No private key management. 100ms response times.

How do we achieve this?

Our processing engine takes in normalized JSON data and turns it into a signed blockchain transaction. This transaction is optimistically settled to give game developers the instant response times they require, then its posted and settled on chain. With this model and our serverless architecture, we can process millions of concurrent game actions giving large-scale games the speed and scalability they need to run a fully performant game.

Our processing engine is also completely blockchain independent allowing us to support multiple blockchains.

Stardust Wallet

With the Stardust API, game developers can provision managed wallets for users who want a username / password or social media based login

This being said, where do private keys live in the Stardust Platform’s architecture?

We use MPC (Multi Party Computation) signing which splits every users private keys into 3 distinct pieces, secured within the SGX enclave of 3 different distinct machines. With this workflow, we can ensure that no users private keys are ever stolen, even if Stardust is compromised.

Stardust Payments

Many solutions exist for onboarding Fiat -> Crypto, Wyre, Ramp, and more. However, game developers need a fully integrated solution that allows them to directly sell their NFTs for fiat, not an indirect path of Fiat -> Crypto -> NFT.

With the Stardust Payment widget, this is as easily done as a few lines of code and game developers can start accepting credit cards with Circle, Coinbase Commerce, and other currencies.

Next Steps

Stardust is a necessary infrastructure component of the metaverse, what we’re building allows every game developer to take advantage of blockchain technology.

If you would like to learn more, you can schedule some time with our team here.

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