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Dec 11, 2023

How To Get A Job in Web3: Recruiter Edition

Web3 is the wild wild west of the internet. We’ve got crypto gunslingers and

How To Get A Job in Web3: Recruiter Edition

Web3 is the wild wild west of the internet.  We’ve got crypto gunslingers and blockchain cowboys all seeking to carve out the future of the internet in the vast unknown of Web3. Every day, new individuals are seeking opportunities to join this frontier.

And there lies the crux. Web3 is still in its infancy, yet it is growing at an astounding pace.  Now, Web3 is no longer just for developers.  It’s open to anyone.

As new companies emerge in the space and older companies grow, the influx of opportunities in Web3 increases.  Web3 has captivated professionals of diverse backgrounds and skill sets, seeking career opportunities. Unfortunately, one path is never the same as the one taken before. But one thing is true of Web3 – it is being defined by the people in it.  Web3 seeks to embrace and create space for all types of talent.

But what are companies looking for from talent?  We’ve broken down what we will call the Three C’s.


Passion. Hunger. Thirst. The relentless pursuit to understand and learn more. Whatever nomenclature you use, curiosity has to be there. Web3 is a new world with only fragments of it currently mapped out, and that map is constantly expanding.

The full potential of the resources and capabilities Web3 can provide is still untapped.  Companies need pioneers to uncover Web3‘s truths. Individuals with authentic passion and curiosity provide the great problem-solving and innovation that drives this industry forward.

During the interview process, companies look to understand–

What are the follow-up questions that the candidate is asking? Are they thoughtful?

How is the candidate’s interest in Web3 linked to their own personal interests and passion?

Has the candidate taken personal ownership of their own growth and development?


Stardust’s COO, Atif Khan, said it best – “It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon.”

All companies have a mission and plan.  And these won’t be accomplished overnight. As Web3 is still in its early days, there will be plenty of challenges and obstacles along the way. Constant market shifts and regulatory changes are unfolding in real-time. That’s why companies are looking for individuals who are all-in in this industry. They need team members who understand the importance of what they’re building and will see it through the tough times.

Companies don’t just look for a commitment to the vision, the project, the team, and or to success.  They look for a commitment to the journey as well.

During the interview process, companies look to understand–

Where has this candidate completed a project from end to end?

Where has this candidate’s commitment resulted in success? (Promotion? Increased scope? Revenue growth?)

Where has this candidate’s commitment to the company and mission overcome adversity?


The community of Web3 is incredibly strong.  It’s not just a community but a culture that comes with its own language and social norms. This uniqueness sets it apart from other industries.

Web3 welcomes newcomers with open arms. The community, as well as companies, values the highest displays of curiosity and commitment.

The Web3 community encompasses multiple groups across various platforms. Active participation within these communities will elevate a candidate’s fit with the company.

As is true of any new industry, most candidates will have no prior experience in Web3.  The difference with Web3 is that many individuals looking to transition full time into the space have experience with the community.

Maybe a candidate is a member of a DAO working on a passion project. Maybe a candidate is an active member of a Web3 discord group. Maybe a candidate is incredibly active with the Web3 Twitter community. Community is perhaps the most integral part of Web3.

During the interview process, companies look to understand–

What platforms is the candidate on? (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Twitch, etc)

How active is the candidate in the community? What groups are they in? Do they regularly attend meetups and conferences?

Are they part of any Web3 passion projects?

The Three C’s are integral to the success of both individuals and companies in the space.   Companies are looking for pioneers that can help them uncover the full potential of Web3.  They want problem solvers with an authentic passion for the industry that takes personal ownership of their development. They need individuals committed to not just the vision, but also the journey– someone who is in it for the long haul. They seek individuals who are active and engaged in the ever-growing, supportive community that is Web3.

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